The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding

Leonardo da Vinci

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Elena-top-notch-Florence-guided-toursBenvenuti! My name is Elena. I am 100% Florentine, a passionate licensed tour guide and sommelier in training. I studied Italian Renaissance art and science in Sydney Australia, Venice, Milan and Florence, where I graduated from the Università di Firenze and got my guide license. “Pure beauty belongs to everybody” as Michelangelo used to say. Art is accessible, enjoyable and entertaining! My motto is: Heartfelt, tailor-made Florence!

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My Philosophy

“HIC ET NUNC”: right here, right now …the best Florence is your Florence!
Enjoy a perfect blend of curiosities, crafts, stunning views and breathtaking masterpieces discovered at your own pace. You are in good hands: 15 years of experience are at your disposal to share history, lifestyle, gardens and more. Come and discover the real Florence with 4k videos before your departure and onsight with a true native guide! Start planning your PRIVATE GUIDED WALKING/MUSEUM/GARDEN TOUR  IN FLORENCE on !

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