Oliviero Toscani: art & wine

Oliviero Toscani: art & wine

Photographer and wine maker. The famous photographer awarded four Lions d’Or as well the Unesco Grand Prix, creator of world-famous advertising campains for international brands is back to his true calling. His father was the first photo-journalist of one of the biggest newspapers in Italy, therefore he followed his footprints, without choosing his life’s work. Maybe today, cultivating the land, the vineyards, making olive oil he has found his true dimention.┬áHe has choosen to grow San Giovese, the native grape variety of Tuscany. It produces complex, though not generous wines. To make a comparison with great musicians of the past: Tuscan wine is often like the music of Wagner, harsh and complicated, says Oliviero. In 2003 Oliviero Toscani tried and create a red wine that expresses Mozart’s music. He issued “OT“, a proud blend of Shirah, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The label that he designed for his first wine contains his initials in the primary colours of red, blue and yellow.

Credits: interview from SOMMELIER TOSCANA

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