Florentine chats are ONLINE

Florentine chats are ONLINE

May 4 – 2020

This date is going to be memorable for Italy.

From Monday May 4 we will be able to walk outdoor again and get ready for a brighter future to build together. I treasure every single message I received in the last 8 weeks from England, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, India, Singapore, Japan, the US , Norway ans Sweden.  It was a balm for my soul, an endless and priceless support I felt from wonderful people I encountered in the past years.

In particular I thank Mario & Elizabeth Ognissanti who invited me to connect with a group of students who was supposed to travel to Pisa and Florence in June. Thanks to their precious support I have finally found the way to overcome lots of personal limits (technological and emotional) and I am happy to share with the Elizabeth Volk Schola in Goteborg the first informal chat/lesson about the treasures of Florence.

I wish you all to enjoy the pictures and tales of every single episode starting from the historical roots of Florence.

A presto con gioia!



youtube video link: Episode 1, a heartfelt intro to Florence