Fitness at Dusk & Dawn

Time to work out! Yes, Florence can be an amazing spot to exercise at dusk or dawn, the less crowded and less hot moments of the day. Our cultural fitness program combines aerobic exercise with the city’s beauties, through the paths that only locals know.

Suggested Itinerary: from 7 to 9 (am or pm*)

Length: up to 3 hours.morning work out in florence to piazzale michelangelo

Meeting point: at the lobby of your hotel if located in the downtown Florence (or any other spot available upon request)
Main sites and content: highlights of Florence and special walk up to the most panoramic spot overlooking the valley, Piazzale Michelangelo. Uncomparable experience for photographers or early morning visitors. Zero crowds, 100% true Florentine atmosphere. Climb up all 463 steps of Brunelleschi’s Dome, the largest masonry dome ever built. You will discover the secret architectural structure and the stunning 16th century paintings by Giorgio Vasari from close up. (I suggest guests to enter at opening time in the morning to avoid long lines and unpleasant queues especially along the narrow staircase inside. The best reward? The 360° panoramic view which opens up from the top of the cupola!)

A much deserved bonus at the end of the fitness-tour: tasty cappuccino & Florentine pastry or fresh fruit juice served in an artisanal Pasticceria (local Florentine pastry laboratory) close to the Duomo.

* Schedule: schedule can be easily customized upon request, earlier in the day or later on after sunset

Cost:  From Euro 70,00 per hour based on 2 pax (global cost, not per person) (entrance fees to Brunelleschi’s Dome EURO 18,00 P.P. to be reserved in advance. Mandatory reservation) Option: extention of the tour either to Accademia Gallery or to the medieval Tower of Palazzo Vecchio (another 406 steps!)

For further information or tailor-made requests please contact: info@florencewithflair.com

In 2013 Nat Geo Photographer Dave Yoder was involved in the amazing project to translate into images one of the most challenging engineer projects ever created by mankind: Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence.

One of our Florencewithflair partners, free lance Tuscan photographer Ilaria, had the fortune and privilege to follow him through the secrets of the cupola: read more on the National Geographic published in February 2014 or on Florencewithflair blog about the Cupola.

Ilaria and I are ready to introduce you to the marvels of the Cupola on the spot during a fabulous photo tour!