The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding

Leonardo da Vinci

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Elena-top-notch-Florence-guided-toursBenvenuti! My name is Elena, 100% Florentine licensed tour guide. I studied Italian Renaissance art in Venice, Milan and Florence, where I graduated from the Università di Firenze and got my guide license. “Pure beauty belongs to everybody” as Michelangelo used to say. Art can be accessible, enjoyable and entertaining for all of us! My invitation for you is a heartfelt, tailor-made Florence and Tuscany!

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My Philosophy

“HIC ET NUNC”: right here, right now …the best Florence is Your Florence! Enjoy a perfect blend of curiosities, crafts, stunning views and breathtaking masterpieces discovered at your own pace. You are in good hands: 15 years of experience are at your disposal to share history, lifestyle, gardens and more. Come and discover the real Florence with 4k videos before your departure! Your specialized blue badge guide awaits for you LIVE for a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE online and on the spot  on info@florencewithflair.com !

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